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Novice learns sewing, these basic knowledge must be mastered

Novice learns sewing, these basic knowledge must be mastered

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Novice learns sewing, these basic knowledge must be mastered

A fan left a message saying that she had been stepping on the sewing machine with her old-fashioned foot. A colleague gave her an electric one and plugged it in. It was too fast and scared her no longer dare to move. As a novice who has never touched an electric sewing machine before, it is normal to be nervous if you don't know how to control it at first. It’s okay to be nervous. In order to avoid detours, we should learn more from everyone’s experience.

Whether it is an old-fashioned household machine or a new high-speed industrial machine, there is a process to be proficient in operation. Although the new multi-functional household machine is said to be used once you buy it, it is for those who have a foundation in sewing machines. If you have never touched a sewing machine, believe it, then be prepared to regret it.

One, the basic common parts of sewing machine should be understood

Many people like to say that they are novices in sewing, and they don't know anything. If they don't, they can learn. Some time ago, there was a Xiaobai who asked his master WeChat to give one-to-one guidance on the maintenance of the sewing machine. He is very receptive, and he can understand. It is necessary to roughly understand the working principle of the sewing machine, know the names of commonly used parts, maintenance methods, and special functions. If you don't understand the basic knowledge, you can ask Du Niang. Although Du Niang is not omnipotent, she is still very capable.

There is a sewing machine at home. The most basic things to master are: how to install the needle, change the presser foot, change the bobbin, thread, wind the bobbin, clean the feed dog, adjust the stitch length, adjust the stitches, etc., just see if there are instructions Manuals, if you don’t have one, find tutorials online. The running-in part is the core part of the machine. Don't move it easily, but you should know where to apply oil and lubricate it frequently to ensure that it can work normally. Remember, you must use special lubricant for sewing machines, and don't pour the cooking oil in your home. One fan didn't understand, and felt that the machine should be oiled. After drinking a lot of cooking oil on the sewing machine, the sewing machine stopped moving at all. Ask the editor any tricks? The editor didn't have any tricks, but the editor went to the Internet to help her find it. Some people suggested to use gasoline or kerosene to scrub repeatedly. I don't know if it's necessary. I tried my best anyway.

2. Practice more basic skills

1. There are no skills for threading and needle threading. It is all based on memory. As long as you remember the route, practice makes perfect.

2. There are many functions of the sewing machine's presser foot. Different presser feet have different effects. Fans often leave a message when they see our video and ask, does the old sewing machine have this kind of presser foot? Yes, as long as the industrial sewing machine has a presser foot, old-fashioned ones are generally available, but they are not universal. When buying, make sure whether it is used for industrial sewing machines or old-fashioned sewing machines. Some pros like to buy a lot of them. Actually, there is no need. The more commonly used presser feet include invisible zipper presser foot, left and right unilateral presser foot, and pleated presser foot. There is no need to mention the simple matter of changing the presser foot.

3. The correct posture of the car clothes is very important. The key point is not to let your fingers get too close to the needle. The feeling of being pierced by the needle can be uncomfortable. However, it is said that the finger piercing of sewing machine workers is more common. The main reason is not the posture problem, but the distraction. I have been distracted by the needle of the sewing machine. The distraction is definitely because of the distraction. Focus on it.

4. The stitches that have been reversed will not loosen, so you must learn to reverse the needle. The old sewing machine lifts the presser foot to reverse the needle, and the new domestic machine has a special reverse needle button. The reverse needle on the industrial flat car has a special control lever. Press it with your right hand and then go back, release it and run forward. After the operation is proficient, it can move forward and backward freely, and the speed is quite fast without any stagnation.

5. For some very thick or elastic materials, push the cloth when the car is used, and don't let it stretch; when the rubber band is used, the car should be stretched back and forth. Sometimes the top film is flat and the bottom film needs to be a little wrinkled. This requires two pieces of cloth to be folded and pressed together by hand, so that the car is not long and short.

Fourth, practice basic sutures

First learn how to drive in a straight line, find a larger piece of cloth, draw a few vertical lines on it, and then randomly draw a few horizontal lines, and then follow the straight line to stop at the horizontal line, and you can stop several times in the middle. You can also get down in one breath, but you must stop at the horizontal line. Car and stop again, until a straight line of various lengths of the car is very comfortable, and can not exceed a single stitch. The curve method is the same as the straight line of the car, until the line out of the car is round and twisted. You have to learn these basic stitches, such as flat stitching, open stitching, back and forth stitching, overlock stitching, etc. You can find old clothes that your family does not wear and cut them out for practice.

When you are almost practicing, draw a maze map, and then follow the stitches from start to end, which should be straight, bend and bend, bend and bend, and be reversed. You can also test yourself The car can be finished in a few minutes at the earliest (you don't need to thread the string when you first start the car practice, so that a picture can be practiced many times)

Five, according to gourd painting

To draw a gourd is to remove old clothes and sew them one by one, starting with the smallest parts, such as the collar, sleeves, pockets, waist, decorative edges, zippers, etc. Many masters came in this way. It was the first time that Qian Lifan made a suit that year. Asking the teacher was not as convenient as it is now. It happened that a friend gave him a suit and lent him to take it down. Later, Qian Lifan's custom-made suits gradually became available locally. Fame.

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