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Mother's sewing machine: The "click" sound made by pedaling on the pedal has become a kind of vicissitudes of memory

Mother's sewing machine: The "click" sound made by pedaling on the pedal has become a kind of vicissitudes of memory

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Mother's sewing machine: The "click" sound made by pedaling on the pedal has become a kind of vicissitudes of memory

A sewing machine is a machine that people use to make clothes. But in the rural areas of northern Anhui before the reform and opening up, such machines were very rare. Owning a sewing machine was the dream of our family for many years. And it has indeed brought tangible benefits to our family. In the eyes of our whole family, it is no longer a simple object. It is an important complex in the memory of my mother. It also records the great changes that have taken place in my family.

In the 1960s and 1970s, our family had many brothers and sisters. Although my father had a monthly salary of tens of yuan, his life was still relatively difficult. For the sake of the whole family, she often participates in the labor of the production team during the day, and has to fly the needle to run the thread late at night, and her body is deteriorating due to fatigue. In order to reduce the burden on mothers, we always go to our uncle's house to make clothes, because my uncle's house has a sewing machine.

But my aunt is also a rural person and has a lot of housework to do. We are too embarrassed to trouble her often. Besides, we have a long way to go to my aunt's house, and it is not convenient to go to her house whenever we make clothes. How the whole family wished to have a sewing machine. However, his father's salary is already very difficult to maintain the basic life of the whole family, so there is still extra money to buy sewing machines? Therefore, despite the strong desire to purchase the machine, the whole family still looked at the "machine" helplessly!

It was not until the end of the 1970s that my father’s salary increased slightly and the life of the whole family improved slightly. At the mother’s repeated requests, my father spent more than 100 yuan to buy a Shanghai-made Bee brand sewing machine from the county. .

I remember the day when the sewing machine was pulled home, our family was as happy as a holiday. We looked around it, looked at it, touched it, and felt excited and expectant.

In that era, bicycles, sewing machines, radios, and watches were called the "four big pieces" for weddings. If anyone in that era had these items, they were a symbol of abundance. How could the arrival of the sewing machine not make the whole family happy and excited. It.

Since having a sewing machine, the burden of mother has been reduced a lot. The problem of making clothes that was time-consuming and labor-intensive has also become much easier there. The housework of sewing and mending, such as big changes to small ones, old renovations, etc., can be easily completed with the help of a sewing machine. From then on, the mother began to make clothes by herself, which not only saved money, but also dressed well and beautifully.

I am the second child in the family, originally in the old clothes worn by my elder brother. It turns out that I always feel embarrassed every time I wear older brother's clothes. Now, a worn-out dress was changed by her with a sewing machine, and it turned into a beautiful new dress. I wore it to school, but I felt a sense of pride. The neighbors saw that my family had a sewing machine, and they often came to ask my mother for help if they had any manual work.

Every day, my mother put on reading glasses and crouched in front of the sewing machine after finishing the daytime housework, nailing clothes under the light of Rudou. Often I wake up while my mother is still working. I saw my mother sitting in front of the sewing machine, splicing the broken clothes together with a patch with her left hand, stretched flat and pushed forward the needle, pulled her right hand forward, and kept stepping on the pedals with her feet. Her movements were very skillful and free. Not irritable. The arm stretches and stretches freely like a piano bow. In the busy singing of the sewing machine "Da, Da, Da...", the broken clothes are nailed up. Whenever I see my mother's white hair, tears fill my eyes without knowing it...

I like to watch every movement of my mother while mending clothes, and also like to listen to the sound made by the sewing machine when making clothes. This sound is like a beautiful song, flowing in my heart. This beautiful song sings from dawn to late night, and from late night to dawn, it leads me to my dreamland and wakes me up from it. In the singing, I understand the truth of life, in the singing, I grow up day by day.  

For thirty years, my mother has been singing this song and has been walking this road. With a pair of rough, chapped, vigorous hands and this sewing machine, my mother has maintained the family's clothing during the difficult and poor years. , Weaving one after another beautiful dreams in the hearts of children...

Time goes by, time goes by. Nowadays, the sewing machine has many peeling paint and damaged corners, and my mother has gray hair. Now the clothes are fashionable and durable, and my mother no longer has the strength to push on the sewing machine. Sometimes, my mother stroked the sewing machine with infinite affection, as if recalling the passionate years of her youth. 

Nowadays, in addition to the industrial sewing machines used in factories, sewing machines, which used to occupy an important position in the family, have gradually faded out of people's lives. Mother's sewing machine is now placed in the corner of the wall, on the mottled rust-iron shelf, shrinking like an overstretched cow. The mother's figure hunched over the waist day and night, lying on the sewing machine table and the "click" sound made by her foot on the pedal became a kind of memory of vicissitudes.

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